• The Better to Find You With page 10 is up


    The Better to Find You With page 10 is up.

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  • Interview on War Rocket and Ajax

    Hey folks. So The City Between stuff isn’t the only thing I have been working on. I recently was on War Rocket and Ajax and talked about a new comic I’m developing called You are the Chosen One. I talk about some of the process I go through when I’m this early in development of a new thing. You can give is a listen. 

  • General Notes on Sorcery 101 Side Stories

    General side story notes

    So I’m not doing Writer Notes on From Scratch and Strange Someone. Both of them I don’t really have much to say and after how sparse the notes on As We Were ended up I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go through them page by page. They are both rather light and don’t have much over all connection to things. It leaves them as mostly shallow but fun. So here’s just the thoughts I do have on those two stories and some unfinished/unused ideas.

    Strange Someone was the first venturing off into having more stories in the Sorcery 101 world. I knew I wanted to do more with Jeff and Connor. I tried to be subtle about the werewolf thing so if someone hadn’t read Sorcery 101 they could be surprised. The story wasn’t supposed to be too complicated and a good new entry point for someone. The time it was made Sorcery 101 was at page 500ish. That was making it hard for it to get new readers. It was also the first time I worked with someone else. So I learned about working with other people on things. Also at that point I realized the one thing writing wise I wasn’t getting practice on was endings. So I wanted to work on wrapping up a story successfully.

    From Scratch was a story originally meant to be drawn by someone else who backed out and ended up too busy. I try to write stories to suit who the artist, I don’t know if this one 100% lines up with Jose’s strengths but it turned out well. I did a lot of looking into the 20s before writing it. It gave me some ideas for stories that didn’t end up panning out. Again I mostly did something straightforward and light. It also helped get the ball rolling on one of the hardest parts of selling stuff at cons, having a new book every year.

    I had two big unfinished comic ideas.

    These are ones I had outlined and started scripting. There were others but they were more kernals of stories not actual stories. The first was a story about Aaron becoming a vampire. It was about a closeted Aaron meeting and being attracted to Asagi while there was a subplot about Aaron’s wife feeling ignored and neglected. She starts an affair with Seth while Aaron is spending time with Asagi. I wrote two chapters that I was pretty confident about, but once I got to Aaron realizing he was attracted to Asagi at the same time he learned Asagi and Seth were vampires and it got hard to write. I mostly didn’t know how to go further, without getting preachy or heavy handed. It’s all still “canon” to Aaron’s backstory but I didn’t feel like it was a story I personally should be telling.

    The other story is the story about how Brad became a werewolf and met Ally. It’s basically a prequel to Sorcery 101. It is the story that made me eventually realize I had outgrown the Sorcery 101 world and had outgrown it. I don’t think it was bad. But between looking up 90s pop culture reference and trying to make sure I didn’t contradict Sorcery 101 and explain to another person that Sorcery 101 doesn’t take place in our world I started to rethink doing it. I wrote the whole thing and was about to write a second draft to push some themes I saw popping up to make them more obvious and deliberate. But I never finished that second draft cause I just realized I wanted to do something different. Then I started working on The City Between’s first book Fame and Misfortune.

  • The Better to Find You With page 9 is up


    The Better to Find You With page 9 is up.

    Kel has a Patreon! If you’d like to read the comic pages early click here! It also will also get you free sketches, earlier writer notes, and a behind the scenes look of the business side of my comics.

  • As We Were Chapter 4 Writer Notes

    page 76 – 83

    This scene is mostly about getting the plot moving to and exposition since we now got something more urgent going on for the climax. All the folks in the bar knew not to talk to the cultists so none of them would have the full story. I told Shazzbaa to make the sorcerer should kinda look like a bit of a sleeze. The redhead is Ally’s sister Shannon. I don’t know if anyone picked up on that though.

    The choice is to show that despite Suzzanne’s anger she is listening to Lope. I wanted to force the issue before the end of the book. Her saving Lope is supposed to show that at least for now she is thinking about stuff beyond revenge.

    page 84 – 85

    Here I wanted to quickly show the gruesome cutting up and keeping of body parts the cultists to push the urgancy of Suzanne needing to save him.

    page 86 – 92

    Once again I wanted to show Suzzanne be resourceful during her fight. So she acts fast using one of the cultists as a human shield and then locking them in the other room. I also wanted to make sure her fight focuses on getting Lope out rather than harming the cultists.

    page 93 – 97

    Also Suzanne is once again being resourceful and showing why her and Lope make a good team. She stacks all the stuff up to make Lope’s spell do more damage.

    page 98 – 100

    So ending things on a nice moment. I wanted to start the scene with the goddess/coincidence discussion/argument they have at the beginning. I thought it would act as a nice bookend.