• Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 35

    Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

    Chapter 35

    Title page
    These are the same colors for When I Fall part 1. Or close to it. I basically sent that to Andrew and told him those were the shades I wanted. I wanted this cover to call back to that one, since Pat references kinda falls back into hopelessness during part of this chapter.

    page 1268 – 1270

    So this is called a 3 beat. You do something/mention something twice to get it in the reader’s head, before you bring it up a 3rd for the most impact. Will really should put up a barrier gets mentioned when Pat first goes into the magic shop, again last chapter, and now for the 3rd and last time it gets brought up. Unfortunately for Will, he didn’t look into his future far enough to see this coming until it was too late. I always try to make little gestures threatening with vampires. So even Suryu just playing with Will’s hair is bad news.

    page 1271 – 1275

    Setting up a happy mood before I ruin everything. I like Kayles face when she talks about Pat’s blood. Also, tiny detail, since touching the knife Danny hasn’t been sleeping well. So I started to put little lines under his eyes. They are more obvious next chapter.

    I wanted to do a slow build up at Pat finds the open door and then opens it the rest of the way. Also how Pat’s demearor immedately changes when he sees it’s Suryu.

    page 1276 – 1281

    A lot of the shots here are down shots to make Pat seems small under all this. All this is as he sinks down to the floor. Also Danny’s projecting on to Pat makes him more proactive. He is still depressed during last chapter but Pat right now is helping him move past that.

    I like the bit where Danny whacks Pat in the head.

    Also Kayla’s shock at what’s going on is something I wanted clear. The main older cast all have experience with this type of stuff. Jeff and Connor both got a small taste of it. But Kayla’s intro to the supernatural is Brad and she has mostly not had to deal with anything really bad directly. It has all been close calls or something after the fact.

    I like every panel that is pulled out and them both silently looking at Will’s body.

    page 1282 – 1287

    Ally and Danny are trying to problem solve. Like I said Danny’s in proactive mode more than usual. If he solved this problem, maybe he can solve his own?

    I think this whole exchange between Seth and Danny came out well. Danny instinctively takes a step back from Seth when Seth invades his personal space now. Seth trips Danny’s cane out from under him. I had to draw it like 5 times to get right. And since Seth isn’t hiding that he is manipulating Danny anymore he shows off his power just to encourage Danny’s fear.

    page 1288 – 1289

    While, Danny is pushed to the ground and bossed around by an old powerful vampire, so is Pat.

    page 1290 – 1291

    It’s not 100% clear what is going on at the end of this scene. But Seth is making Danny drop the subject/forget. I should have done a small panel of Danny looking dazed before that last one.

    page 1292 – 1295

    Even though Suryu is on top of Pat while he is naked and she is in her underwear, I made sure this wasn’t sexy torture. There are a lot of bad comics where the torture scene looks more like the artist referenced porn or something.

    When Suryu goes to talk to Asagi and he is all smiles and politeness, her reaction is the clue of how much they hate each other. He 100% brought Kira mostly so that Suryu would believe what happened during the meeting she missed. If you go back to Suryu’s first appearance, she was having a more or less friendly chat with Kira at her own party.

    page 1296 – 1298

    Asagi saves Pat. And now Danny will have to come to Asagi’s house to check on him. He corrects Danny on how to say his name mostly because I did have a few people mispronounce it or ask how to say it. Also that last bit about Seth driving is was kinda a reminder to people that they haven’t scene Seth drive before I get to the big ending.

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  • Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 34

    Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

    Chapter 34

    Title page
    I like how this title page came out. It’s a little on the nose. But I like it.

    page 1239 – 1242

    Firstly, I wanted to establish that this is very soon after the last chapter ended. Like a day or so.

    Then Mr. Tamura off is having the lights go out. I wanted to think of what would be the dark equal of the light getting super bright like went Cal started falling apart. I figured the lights fizzing out was good. Then I tried to draw it in still images and realize I maybe should have tried something else. But I am glad about the coming out of the shadows bit. Wrapping around Mr. Tamura, I thought would give The Lady a somewhat sinister vibe.

    page 1243 – 1251

    And to follow the sinister vibe, what’s more sinister seeming than a parking garage at night? Cal suddenly appears all kinds of bad shape. I wanted it to seem like he fell out of the shadows. Kinda in a clumsier way that The Lady rose from the shadows. The cracks in Cal are supposed to being showing dark and light magic. It’s part of why he can’t keep himself together.

    On Brad and Ally finding Rita, I wanted to keep the focus on Ally and how her response to grief is anger and violence. That way I wouldn’t have to rely on cliche shots of her crying at the end of Sorcery 101 but it was still clear she was grieving. Really this whole chapter is Ally reacting to the death of a loved one with anger.

    Also, Danny basically saying maybe we should just give up cause this is too powerful, kinda speaks to his mental state at the moment.

    And every scene in the magic shop make it clear to me how pressed for time I was when I drew this. If you look at magic shop’s last appearance (when Danny is getting threatened by Seth), there is WAY more stuff on the shelves and displays. Here it’s just got red boxes.

    page 1252 – 1258

    Big ass info dump. Not much else to say. I try to avoid these now in my writing now. This scene is one of the downsides of planning a comic that takes 10 years to finish. I planned something that is really complicated and convoluted and relies on details that couldn’t be shown earlier. And by the time I got to this part in the story and realize how clumsy these info dumps are, the story had already was too dependent on this in a few other info dumps to wrap up. I did try to make it at least a little more interesting like with the bit that has Lucy cut off their own hand.

    And really this is all to get Danny to touch the knife. What a crazy random happenstance that the angel who had broken the rules so bad worked with Ally who is very close personal relationship to the man who is the wielder of The Lady’s angel killing knife. Also, quite the conquience that she is close friends with Danny. Really what are the odds that he would get that close to the knife.

    page 1259 – 1261

    So while Lucy is very good at the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. Both Cal and Lucy aren’t supposed to interfere with the opposite side. Cal gets in trouble for taking liberties that made a creature of darkness rethink their actions or choose something else. Where as Lucy just flat out threatens/blackmails Ally. The two sides aren’t just supposed to be light and dark, but also order and chaos, day and night, and really any opposites you can think of that aren’t good and evil. So Lucy could always get away with serious bending of any rules or orders they get.

    page 1262 – 1267

    Mr. Tamura returns all bruises. I originally was gonna show his fight with Cal, but decided not to because really that fight doesn’t matter to Danny’s story. We weren’t gonna learn anything that helped push it forward or reinforced a theme/idea that’s important. It might have made Cal a little more sympathetic/more sad about Rita’s death. But I felt that would have cheapened Ally’s reaction a little, which was more important. Also, we never spent much time with Cal before this, so it would be meandering to spend a lot of time on him now. Also the fight would have raise a lot of questions about Mr. Tamura which I knew weren’t going to be answered.

    Mr. Tamura respects Ally. So even though what he did is kinda over protective bullshit that denies her agency, I wanted to show him apologizing. He also doesn’t interrupt or argue with her while she yells at him.

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