• You Are the Chosen One – Esme and Pinni

    More Chosen One kids. Esme is a witch in training who lives in the mountains more north than the capital. So I wanted her and the few other kids that live near her have clearly heavier clothes. And since she is learning to be a witch in the wilderness I wanted her clothing to be more practical than anything else. I also thought she cuts her hair very short as a way to signal she is in training some how. Pinni is a servant in the palace. I want to work on her design a little bit more. I wanted something that looks nice but isn’t very fancy. She will be spending a lot of time waiting on Alisabet. She likes stories and is gonna be the most genre aware of the kids in the series. But it’s too her determent. After finding out Alisabet also had the dream, she thinks she somehow accidentally over heard it. She tells herself that stories around about pretty thin princess and not chubby servant girls. She’s important because I wanted to push at the idea of who stories are usually about, how our own self esteem sometimes is our biggest obstacle, and how the stories we consume while fun sometimes give us bad lessons.

  • You Are the Chosen One – Daris and Din

    Some more kids for You are the Chosen One. Daris is in a gang/bandit trope. She tries to figure out how to use what she saw in her dream to her gang’s advantage. Din is a homeless kid that lives in the capital. He is the youngest of the group and is mostly watched over by his older sister.

  • You Are the Chosen One – Cothrine and Deniel

    Two more Chosen One kids. Cothrine came out super cute I think. She is a girl who live in the city. She comes from a big family and is the second oldest. Deniel’s works in the capital’s temple/church. I haven’t decide if he is a preist (or whatever I end up calling churchleaders in this world) or if he is just especially devote. I know that he is very regilious and lives at the temple/church. his name looks too much like denial though so I think I’m gonna change it to Doniel.

  • The Better to Find You With page 12 is up


    The Better to Find You With page 12 is up.

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  • You Are the Chosen One – Churles and Rhinnon

    Some more kids for you are the Chosen One. Churles’s family runs an inn/tavern. He works there and is pretty disinterested in the dream. Rhinnon is a blacksmith’s apprentice. She is more focused on finishing that apprenticeship than destiny.