Buffy Title Card Roughs 8

Another batch of title cards for Buffy episodes. For School Hard, I first looked up Die Hard ads because the title and a few of the action sequences are Die Hard homages. But they didn’t quite work with what I wanted to do. So I did Spike’s car running over the Sunnydale sign with the school in the background. The

Buffy Title Card Roughs 7

Started roughing out ideas for season 2 of Buffy. When She was Bad is kinda an odd title that is hard to play off of. So I focused on things that are important to the episode like the Master’s bones, the sledge hammer, and the ritual to revive him.  I thought the hanging hands would be good because everyone hanging

Misfits of Avalon Chapter 7 Writer Notes

So this quote is definitely because Rae is the type of person who always thinks she is right. Page 41 – 42 I wanted to slowly build up to what eventually makes Rae crack. She gets really bothered by not being the smartest. She really gets tripped up by Morgan knowing something she doesn’t. Page 43 – 49 Rae getting