Misfits of Avalon Chapter List

Chapter 1
Chapter 1The Air Raven
Chapter 2The Earth Cow
Chapter 3The Fire Wolf
Chapter 4The Water Eel
Chapter 1The Loveless and Faithless Ones
Chapter 2Pretending that Children are Childish
Chapter 3Watch Someone Else Do It Wrong Without Comment
Chapter 4Only Fools Want to Be Great
Chapter 5 Only Disguised as Themselves
Chapter 6 To Those Who Hardly Think About Us in Return
Chapter 7 As All Decent Men Must Be, If You Assume That Decency Can’t Exist
Chapter 8 It Is Only The People Who Are Lacking, or Bad, or Inferior, Who Have To Be Good at Things
Chapter 9Neither Clever nor Sensitive, But He Was Loyal
Chapter 10The Poor Fellow Was Never Cut Out To Be A Villan
Chapter 1Loyalty