As We Were Chapter 3 Writer Notes

page 51 – 54

This was another expositiony scene. I have been trying to stay away from these more and more as I write these days. The shopping is mostly to give them something to do while talking. The outfits offered to Suzanne, I told Shazzbaa to do something that would be easily adjusted for different sized Nistans but was also elaborate and more feminine than what Suzanne is used to.

page 55 – 56

These silent pages I wanted to drive home that Lope is home and part of a community here. It’s something Suzanne hasn’t had for a long long time.

page 57 – 61

Suzanne’s mad at everything, even the ground. I wanted to have her take out her frustration at what she is lacking communty wise on something else. I love the face Shazzbaa drew on Suzanne when Lope goes back to is use talk about helping people in need. It’s extra annoying to her now because Lope has a family and community but is choosing to give it up to help people. She had always assumed he didn’t have any connections like this because he was traveling with her. I told Shazzbaa that in those last two panels I wanted a tree or crack in the glass street between Lope and Suzanne as a visually cue of the barrier between them.

page 62 – 70

I love of Shazzbaa draws magic goings on.

The scene that Lope and Suzanne see is for the second half of Love is a Losing Game. I sent Shazzbaa the script of what would be happening in that scene and told her what Danny was wearing since they weren’t drawn at the time. The scene with the fugitive shows him talking to one of the clut members. It wanted it to be picked up on if someone reread As We Were or if they had read Sorcery 101 before this.

The motorcycle vs piece of shit joke is dumb but it still makes me laugh.

page 71 – 75

The random helpful person is a think Lope is super used to. So he completely doesn’t suspect to get grabbed like that after.

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