As We Were Chapter 4 Writer Notes

page 76 – 83

This scene is mostly about getting the plot moving to and exposition since we now got something more urgent going on for the climax. All the folks in the bar knew not to talk to the cultists so none of them would have the full story. I told Shazzbaa to make the sorcerer should kinda look like a bit of a sleeze. The redhead is Ally’s sister Shannon. I don’t know if anyone picked up on that though.

The choice is to show that despite Suzzanne’s anger she is listening to Lope. I wanted to force the issue before the end of the book. Her saving Lope is supposed to show that at least for now she is thinking about stuff beyond revenge.

page 84 – 85

Here I wanted to quickly show the gruesome cutting up and keeping of body parts the cultists to push the urgancy of Suzanne needing to save him.

page 86 – 92

Once again I wanted to show Suzzanne be resourceful during her fight. So she acts fast using one of the cultists as a human shield and then locking them in the other room. I also wanted to make sure her fight focuses on getting Lope out rather than harming the cultists.

page 93 – 97

Also Suzanne is once again being resourceful and showing why her and Lope make a good team. She stacks all the stuff up to make Lope’s spell do more damage.

page 98 – 100

So ending things on a nice moment. I wanted to start the scene with the goddess/coincidence discussion/argument they have at the beginning. I thought it would act as a nice bookend.

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