Buffy Title Card Roughs 1

So I’ve been doing cover design exercises by trying to design title cards for Buffy Episodes.

So the first is Welcome to the Hellmouth. The first design is the school on top of a well the Hellmouth. I thought making the school tiny over that toothy deep hole. It doesn’t look quite a good as it did in my head. So I might tighten it up a little.

Then second design for it I wanted the entrance of the school to be threatening with fire inside the doors. Since the whole point of Buffy is high school as hell metaphor. This design was easier to nail down.

The Harvest I could only come up with one solid idea. You can’t see them cause I kept erasing them, but I kept trying cornucopia with body parts in it or full of blood. They didn’t really work. This last one was using cornucopias as fangs. It’s still not really working.

The second design works better. The master is so pale and has those shape fingernails. So using his hand and finger as a scythe which tiny figures about to be cut down. That will probably be the one of the two I clean up. It’s why I eventually did a finished version.

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