Buffy Title Card Roughs 2

Episode 3 is called The Witch. The plot is a witch is cursing cheerleaders. The first design I started with two mundane objects from the plot and then the witches caldron. It is a little mundane looking. The second version of this design I designed on taking a cheerleading trophy from the end and put the various curse effects on the trophy. So it’s blindfolded, has no mouth and one hand is on fire. I kept one hand in tack to you can see it’s for cheerleading. Then it submerged in the caldron adds some more dread to the picture. Also smoke from the spell makes for a nice way to do the letters.

Episode 4 teacher’s pet is a little harder. The title doesn’t really help with the visuals. Miss. French being a preying mantis is kinda supposed to be a reveal so I didn’t want to do anything two obvious. So I first tried sexy silhouette where the teacher’s pointer wand is cutting off student’s heads might work at implying that future without giving it away. Then I was stuck on a second idea. Since she is a bug monster I thought maybe having her pinning boy students like butterflies might be good since she is also teaching bio. If I finish one it will probably be the first one.

I liked Witch a lot so that’s one of the finished title cards.

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