Buffy Title Card Roughs 4

So next two episodes are Angel and I, Robot … You Jane.

The first design of angel I did a grave moment that was an angel. I like the over all layout but it was too on the nose. The second one I did Angel’s silhouette in Buffy’s bedroom. I used the branches of the tree outside to make it look like the silhouette had wings. Then the branches being leafless adds an implied deadness to it. I’ll probably clean up that one if I go further. Angel is the one I finished up out of these.

Then for I Robot, You Jane, I wanted to be computery in a 90s way. The first I thought an error message on a computer screen would work. I figure the error message can say “Error: There’s a demon in the internet” and I’d have the title in 1s and 0s all matrix style. The other option is less spoilery but equal 90s tech. I thought it would be fun to have that old style printer paper with the circles on the edge. And then I used the mouses wire to make a noose to give the implication of danger and death in a more subtle way.

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