Buffy Title Card Roughs 5

So this batch is for the episode Puppet Show and Nightmares.

Puppet Show everything I thought of was kinda on the nose and very goosebumps night of the living dummy. I thought maybe a different type of puppet wielding a knife could work. Then the title can go into the puppet holder thing. Then I thought maybe positioning the dummy like it’s dead could work. I have the top of his head cut off and I think I’m gonna put a carved in hole in his chest to represent the demon that needs a heart and a brain.

Nightmares was also kinda a hard concept to think of an idea for. That is a sorta hard concept to nail down visually. So I only really came up with one good idea. I have the villain of the episode smashing glass with a baseball bat. I was gonna put on each shard something to represent different things that the characters were having as nightmares.

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