Buffy Title Card Roughs 6

Wrapping thing up for season 1 with Out of Mind, Out of Sight and Prophecy Girl.

Out of Mind, Out of Sight was a little tricky at first because how do you draw someone who’s invisible. But then thinking about the episode I thought the year book would be a great visual. So there is the compact to kinda represent Cordelia’s narcissism. And I’d have that on year book open to everyone having written have a nice summer. Then in that same vein I opened a page of the year book which has a no photo available shoot. Then Marcy’s flute is there to make it a little more personalized to her.

For Prophecy Girl, I tried to channel bigger things. So I have shapes to make Buffy holding her stake in a pose that is kinda saintly. Then the master’s head would give a sorta halo around Buffy’s head while his dark body gives Buffy as a whole more pop from everything else. Then she is standing on the hellmouth with tentacle demon things coming out. And the other design I tried to channel some heroic fable looking stuff. Like Prince Phillip battling Maleficent vibe.

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