Comics ending and starting. Whats going on my patreon.

Hey folks! I wanted to let everyone know that Misfits of Avalon is wrapping up this month. So all the pages will get taken down once the book is out September 27th. It wraps up online September 6th so you will have 3 weeks to read the whole thing at once.

The week after Misfits of Avalon wraps up I’ll start posting the second City Between book, The Better to Find You With. Those pages will be going up once a week on Wednesdays. Patreon backers at the $5 level will get these pages a month early, so the first 3 pages are already available.

The switch to once a week is mostly because I need to drum up some freelance work and need time to do that to pay my bills. So I added a new goal to my patreon which will get updates to come out faster.

In the meantime, I’m going to do freelance work and do some exercises to get better at drawing and writing. One of which is a cover designing project. I’m gonna try to thumbnail/rough out a title card for Buffy episodes. I’ll post the finished ones publicly. But patreon $5 backers will get to see them all and vote on the ones I finish each season. Other patreon backers will get to see a monthly thing where I write about what I’m reading/watching. I was gonna do them once a week but they turned out rather long so they are gonna be once a month. There are two up now.

And if you are newer to my site and don’t know what is on my patreon in general here is the run down:

In January, I wrote a year in review of where my money came from in 2016. I explains my goals for the year and what I wanted to work on changing. After reading it you could probably see why I need more time for freelance stuff. In February, I wrote about my site redesign and why I changed certain things. I have pictures of the previous design and write about problems I had with it. The March post is public and is about prepping for a convention season. I figured that would be a good example post of this type cause there is nothing sensitive in it.

Then in April, I did a post of being at the convention itself. Both of those are topics I know about cause that is where I make most of my money. In May, I give a step by step break down of pitching Misfits of Avalon to Darkhorse comics. I copy pasted a lot of my original pitch. Then in June and July, I did two posts about pitching Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. These two posts I’m always gonna keep behind a pay wall because it includes emails from my editor on Buffy (with her and Darkhorse’s permission). These posts also include an art test I did to draw Buffy and the spec script I wrote to test is I could capture the voice of the characters. And finally last month I talk about publishing vs self publishing. I crunch the number and say exactly when I’ll be sending stuff to publishers in the future.

I do make my living off comics so I hope those posts help any newbies trying to break in.

Anyway, here’s some warm up drawings I did the past two months.


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