Misfits of Avalon 128 is up!

3 thoughts on “Misfits of Avalon 128 is up!

  1. I am really enjoying the story so far, but confess that at a page a day, roughly, I am having trouble seeing the horizon of when we’ll get some actual likability in the characters. So far I feel more inclined to help the bad guys. I love the idea of less ‘perfect nice people’ teamups and such, but it’s been all negative, all the time. I like the more recent two more, since they seem to actually be making an effort at something above nihilism, but it would be nice to see some progress overall soon. 🙂

    Unrelated, and I probably just missed it, but how old are the actual characters? Is the girl with dreadlocks (I rock at names, can you tell?) really 12, or just being mocked by being called that?

      1. Thanks! I have a 10 year old daughter and 13 year old son. The thought of either of them fighting monsters is eek-worthy, though it wouldn’t shock me if my daughter turned out to be a senshi. Her life has weird twists like that. 😛

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