Misfits of Avalon Chapter 7 Writer Notes

So this quote is definitely because Rae is the type of person who always thinks she is right.

Page 41 – 42

I wanted to slowly build up to what eventually makes Rae crack. She gets really bothered by not being the smartest. She really gets tripped up by Morgan knowing something she doesn’t.

Page 43 – 49

Rae getting water from her ring is to show that she has played with/experimented with her powers more. This scene where she gets the ground wet is sorta a fine line between making it obvious to the reader what she is doing but not so obvious that someone is like “is Morgan blind for not noticing?”

I also wanted to make it clear that Morgan is having none of Rae’s shit and they don’t have any alone scenes until the end of the series because of this.

Rae is also literally looking down at Morgan this fight. I wanted to subtly reenforce Rae’s pov of view on the other girls with that staging.

Page 50 – 53

Rae seeing Morgan not take her word on the barrier was a big part of Rae staying away from Morgan the rest of the series. So her plan to team up with Morgan because of Morgan’s apathy backfires.

Page 54 – 58

Here I wanted to show Rae’s home life a little and that Morgan knowing something she doesn’t bothers Rae.

Briefly I thought about doing a flash back for each girl to show what they were like when they were younger. Rae’s was gonna be her and her dad getting money for his fake charity and showing that she learned it’s okay to screw people over if they are stupider than you from her dad. I ended up scratching all those scened because it was ultimately unnecessary.

I figured her just being cold to her mom for being dumb enough to believe their dad and then the explanation of where he is later would be enough.

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