Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 10

This quote goes to Kimber because most of this chapter is all her and Rae and it’s all one sided. Poor Kimber.

Page 97 – 102

Rae leans in and gets in Kimber’s personal space when ever she asks Kimber for something. When Kimber asks Rae to hang out there is a brief beat. If this were from Rae’s POV we would get her putting it together that Kimber likes her. After that beat Rae starts touching Kimber more and sitting next to her. And she talks about not being interested in what boys are hot while touching Kimber in a way that could be an accident or intentional. Note that she looks at Kimber not Elsie when she says that.

Kimber’s excitement and then disappointment when she shows Rae the stone is also to contrast how both her and Elsie got excited about finding it earlier. Also to show that Rae’s smaller put downs hurt Kimber more than when Elsie or Morgan flat out insult her.

Also I tried to think about character’s home lives and how they’d show when they aren’t at home. So Elsie cleans up the pizza and dishes without being asked since her and her siblings are all used to picking up after and taking care of each other.

page 103 – 105

Rae turns up the flattery, learns into Kimber’s personal space, and tries to make a physically connection. She pulls away once she thinks she has what she wants. And while Kimber is falling for it she’s not stupid, so I made sure she gets suspicious when Rae mentions money. So Rae goes into over drive as Kimber pulls away a little. Rae’s questions are basically so she can figure out a lie that is most likely to get money from Kimber’s dad.

page 106 – 110

Kimber has a somewhere okay relationship with her dad which is why he’s the one with in this scene. If it was her mom, Kimber probably would have given Rae everything out of spite to her mom’s opinion. Rae’s last name is a reference to a famous conman who sold the Eiffel Tower. Rae getting tripped up and unprepared for someone recognizing her and her last name is what causes her to crack a little in front of Kimber. The fact that she can only save it by going from all smiles to tears probably annoys her.

When Kimber doesn’t want to surrender the credit card, I had the beat because Rae was about to push harder but then thought better of it.

page 111 – 116

I thought Kimber’s doubt through this whole chapter was important to make her sympathetic rather than seeming dumb. Also the way she talks herself out of it by putting Rae on a pedestal builds up how she sees her crush.

Rae explaining about the appearance of things is a small insight into her as a whole. Kimber notices how Rae holds the nail gun as a hint of what Rae really has planned.

Pretty gets it’s own caption to bring emphasis to it.

Once again I end a Kimber chapter with Rae leaving while Kimber looks small.

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