Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 11

Page 117 – 122

I jumped into the scene at the end of Elsie and Morgan’s search because we’ve seen plenty of Elsie and Morgan solo. So I wanted to get straight to when they have a newer interaction.

I wanted a close up on Morgan’s eyes when she says she is tired so I could render the bags under her eyes clearly.

This whole scene is mostly to show how Morgan and Elsie’s dynamic changes when Morgan finally speaks up and says what is wrong. I really like the line “Shut the hell up. I’m helping.” It’s very Elsie.

It could have been drawn clearer, but Elsie is kicking Morgan in the ribs in panel two of page 122.

page 123 – 126

The rock hitting Billy after it has been hitting Elsie is a hint for the solution at the end. The magic generally confuses Elsie and Billy’s blood cause they are related.

page 127 – 132

This scene I had Billy bandage his own injuries because it’s sorta cliche for the woman to bandage up and nurse her male love interest. Kinda the assumption being because they are a woman they are more nurturing. That’s not Morgan at all.

Billy and Morgan’s flirting is intentionally awkward. Also, Morgan’s doubt and distrust of Billy’s compliment I figured would say a lot about her. Stuff like that isn’t something you is getting told on a regular basis.

Also, I wanted to acknowledge that someone like Morgan would be very hard to read. That is lending to the awkwardness of their flirting. Billy is fumbling about to try to get a clear signal.

I like the end of the scene where they are about to make out but Billy’s bandage is killing the mood for Morgan.

page 133 – 136

I kinda struggled to make it clear this was the next morning. Maybe Morgan’s shirt should have been more unbuttoned or she could have been in her sleeping shorts from the last book. I maybe could have done more with the lighting. But Billy spent the night.

I thought maybe Morgan’s smirk after Elsie says “But I like to get some action once in awhile” would imply that.

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