Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 6

I picked this quote for Kimber’s chapter because even though she is the youngest she is the most on the ball and seeing the bigger picture.

Page 21 – 23

Even though this chapter is from Kimber’s POV I hope that someone could make an educated guess about Rae’s motive behind her actions. First she is trying to ditch all of them and then partners up with the person who will  be the most disinterested in what she is doing.

I stuck to down shots for Kimber realizing Rae and her aren’t hanging out to push how disappointed she is.

Page 24 – 26

Elsie having to get her siblings before her and Kimber go investigate was to show another side of her. She’s helping out her family in-between shoplifting and ditching school. And this scene starts what is a lot of what this chapter is. Elsie and Kimber connecting and starting to get used to each other.

Page 27 – 29

So Kimber’s own self doubt and the way Morgan treated her, is why she reacts to Elsie question with anger. Then Elsie doesn’t reach to their shoving match with anger because that is business as usual for her.

I like how Elsie turned out in panel 2 of 29 where she is sitting in the sand.

Page 30 – 34

I liked drawing all their glowy ring while looking around. Also once the search begins both Kimber and Elsie buck up.

The rock continuing to hit Elsie in the head is a hint for how to resolve stuff.

Page 35 – 40

During the fight I liked to pull out when they were yelling and when they were quiet. Cause I wanted the distance between them to be pushed.

Elsie’s reaching out to Kimber with the hair dye starts out sounding insulting so Kimber who is thinking the worst will react defensively. But she wins her over with pissing off parents proposal.

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