Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 8

Page 59 – 63

I wanted to keep Morgan’s dreams a topic all through out the book so they aren’t forgot when book 3 rolls around.

I got a lot of siblings and we used to get into fights about who’s turn it was with the playstation so I figured with 9 kids the fight would get even worse. Also this is a good way to draw attention to Billy’s missing tooth. It’s a detail that could be easy to miss.

Page 64 – 69

So here’s Morgan and Billy’s sorta date. I wanted to build up their relationship in a way that wasn’t super romantic but you could understand Morgan fooling around with Billy later. Especially since she isn’t getting much attention or affection from anyone.

Morgan’s conversation with Billy, I wanted to make it clear how depressed she is. And as a teenager she knows shit is bad but doesn’t have the power to control or change it. It also vaguely mirrors the conversation Kimber and Elsie had. But this time the pessimist side is more grim rather than bored and the positive side is more proactive rather than content.

I wanted to imply Billy is getting dreams like Morgans but nicer.

I made sure Morgan smiles at the end of the talk though. So despite their disagreement she is enjoying her time with him. This time she lets him help her up.

Page 70 – 72

This kinda playful flirt rough housing was hard to draw. I needed to make it clear they weren’t actually hurting each other.

page 73 – 76

I love drawing Elsie being disgusted with people thinking her brother is hot.

Even though Morgan and Billy are starting to like each other I tried to keep them slightly apart whenever Elsie is around. Elsie always has shot gun in the car. That distance between them story wise will be important in the end. I wanted to subtly reinforce that visually.

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