Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 9

I gave this quote to Elsie’s chapter cause she is the most honest of the group. It’s unintentional honestly.

Page 77 – 80

I like writing Elsie and her little gang. They of coarse went here to see the cashier Elsie was talking about being cute in the first chapter. I gave him the same skin tone and nose as Cu to imply that Elsie has a type. Amanda starts getting money out for Elsie as soon as the cashier says Elsie is short.

Lin shoplifted some candy while Elsie was shouting. Elsie is probably a great distraction. I always like drawing Elsie posing and trying to look cool. Like that her over the shoulder head turn. Her disgust at her friends talking about her brothers is also fun to draw. And I like those silent beat panels like at the end of page 80. For the record, Billy is 17, Elsie is 15, Bobby is

page 81 – 83

Cu has figured out that Elsie is the easiest for him to get to do stuff. It’s why he appears to her when she’s not with the other girls. Even though Elsie is an easy target for Cu, I did want to show that Rae’s coldness to everyone is getting picked up by Elsie. I probably could have pushed the acting as Elsie tries to find a pen. Make it clear visually she isn’t paying attention. But I like that Elsie complains no one tells her what is going on when she missed a good chunk of exposition due to not paying attention.

page 84 – 91

Elsie banging on the door continuously until Kimber answers the door seemed very much like a her thing to do. That contrasted with how Rae appears later, which is to call Kimber to tell her she is outside.

I wanted Kimber’s game room to be impressive and clearly expensive but not over the top. I remembered a kid I went to college with’s video game collection. So Elsie’s reaction is also partly because she’s not allowed to have video games. She probably plays them at Lin or Amanda’s house.

Like Rae and her dad ended up getting cut, I never found a way to show Elsie’s home. I figured her room is about the same size as Morgans only she is sharing it with 2 of her sisters. Everything would be very cramped. Billy and all her brothers share a room. Then her older sisters share a room which also has a crib for her nephew. So it’s not just the stuff that is impressing Elsie but the space.

They never dye Kimber’s hair cause Elsie sure as hell can’t follow instructions.

Page 92 – 96

Elsie’s “back then” comment is mostly cause while watching Game of Thrones my mom saying “I didn’t know they knew how to whistle back then” and just people in general confusing fantasy with history.

I know most King Arthur things have Merlin in a cave, but there are others where he is trapped in a tree. So I to bring up that version so people could maybe put together why the tree is important.

Elsie pushing Kimber to talk about boys is her default mode. So it goes over her head how uncomfortable. Someone could interpret that as her being younger than Elsie but when it’s back to back with her excitement when Rae calls, I thought that would point to someone more toward she doesn’t like boys. Even if Elsie misses it.

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