New Site!

As you can all see there is a spiffy new website design. The old one was hard for people to navigate and I tried a few tweaks over the years but small changes weren’t cutting it. I waited for Sorcery 101 to wrap up before doing the full revamp because I thought that would be a good time to mark a big change like this.

I update the store and rearranged the way comics were listed. So all the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales are in one archive. I posted my story for the Asia edition. So you can go ahead and read that. I also wanted to make finding stuff in the blog a little easier so important tags are listed. If there are old posts categories you’d like to quickly browse let me know. I’ll try to add them. But I know in the past I have kinda ignored the blog. I’m gonna try to fix that this year.

If you’d like a more detailed write up about why I did certain things with the site, I’m going to have it be the topic of my business behind the scenes this month on my patreon. $10 a month backers get to one post like that a month. I’m planning to go over con prep, pitching to a publisher, working with an editor, and several things like that. They go up on the 15th.

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