New Things in the Store

I was in the comic collection Smut Peddler. You can now buy it from the Sorcery 101 store. I will sign it and sketch in it if you like.

ALSO, I’M ALMOST DONE WITH FAME AND MISFORTUNE. IT WON’T BE ONLINE ANY TIME IN THE NEAR FUTURE. YOU CAN NOW PREORDER IT IF YOU MISSED THE KICKSTARTER. So if you missed the Kickstarter you can now add your name to the list of preordered copies. Here is a preview.

Also, I’ve restructured how I do commissions. Rather than setting the bar at $70 and up, I’ve switched to charging by the hour.

Here is my todo list. Until its complete Sorcery 101 will update only on mondays.

  • Pencil F&M (64/77)
  • Ink F&M (32/77)
  • Draw Warning Signs (Pencils 12/26 Inks 12/26)
  • Finish Redos for Responsibilities part 2 (Inks 1/22)
  • Finish Redos for Old Allies (0/32)
  • Finish Redos for Responsibilities part 3 (Pencils 1/28 Inks)
  • Finish Redos for Responsibilities part 4 (Pencils 0/29 Inks)
  • Make PDF of next two Sorcery 101 books
  • Draw When I Fall Part 1 (thumbs 0/17)
  • Draw When I Fall part 2 (thumbs 0/17)
  • Draw Back to Black (thumbs 0/22)
  • Draw Come Undone (thumbs 0/22)

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