Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 10

Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 10

Title page
Here we get Danny’s cousin who is the werewolf that bit Brad for the first time. He’s only been mentioned before but now he gets to appear for real.

527 – 532

We get some mother/daughter time. We get to see that Sarah is getting a fairly nice place from Alpha Phoenix. And scenes like this are why I make sure to put shit in people’s rooms. This wouldn’t work as well if her empty place didn’t contrast previous rooms.

And these files do come back. Demon bodyguard is a cameo of Kate Ashwin’s Gort. I wanted to let people know Maureen here is gonna see a werewolf without flat out saying it. She maybe should have hung on to that silver though. She is a bit cocky which is why didn’t see this coming.

533 – 541

Danny is still very excited he can cast a spell. Brad notices Nadia first because he’s got the super senses. Nadia gives some exposition. Danny is super down for helping hot ladies with cleavage. Nadia and Danny discussing Seth, it should be noted Seth didn’t threaten her, Asagi did. She is someone who got the better of Seth. It’s mentioned in the last chapter he has a fledgling that was a sorceress who cast a love spell on him. Seth didn’t escape that on his own. That was Nadia. So by “date” she means she magically made him obsessed with her. Danny should find out more about the hot ladies he helps out.

542 – 548

I’m very proud of the fact that I came up with a name that can have SHIT HOLE as it’s only functioning lights. And reinforcing what the Dwyn are believed to be for. So Pat’s plan should be obvious to anyone who recognizes his books. Nadia never tried to cure herself. There are other useful things in those books. Much like the fun tips Nadia gives Danny on sorcery in the next scene. Also I like Pat’s shirt. I like that he has so many nonthreatening clothes.

549 – 559

Exposition time. And while Danny doesn’t find out stuff about the people he helps, Nadia does her homework. I really like Danny and Pat’s “You’re being paranoid.” “Am I?” “YES, you ARE.” Both of them don’t have a very good argument.

They have a small fight with Gort that ends with bribs. Pat’s spell is in French. Each character does their part.

And here we have Damien being all ominous. Not many people commented on Damien when he shows up. So I never know if anyone actually thought he was a threat. He’s kinda a hold over from that original comic I made about Brad becoming a werewolf and meeting Ally. He might be the weakest part of that story that was never finished. He is probably weak through out Sorcery 101 too.

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