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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 11

Title page

The title page I think does a good job showing off the main conflict. The title comes from a Barenaked Ladies song Alcohol

560 – 564

And we continue what’s a minor conflict in most of Sorcery 101 but is what kicks off this chapter. Brad is kinda constantly misreading Mr. Tamura’s favoritism toward Ally. The conversation about what Mr. Tamura is got cut down. Basically, none of the cast know. Ally’s exchange about how she looks with him is something they’ve had before. So I made sure she’s smiling he answers.

And this is the kinda job Alpha Phoenix does pro bono a lot to keep supernatural stuff on the down low.

565 – 568

Brad and Danny’s time at the bar. Chelsey got their drinks mixed up like she did in the first chapter she was in. And like he does this whole chapter, Danny tries and fails to stop the bad decisions before they happen.

569 – 571

In the big part, Gort gets another cameo. As does Jill and Komiyan who are also from Darken. Skip and Reagan from Templar Arizona are also at the party. Also, Frost, Loki, and Suryu are there too. Mr. Tamura makes sure to slink away once Ally is introduced to the sleezy demon guy. He trusts her to get shit done on her own.

572 – 576

I had fun with tilt panels for Brad’s drunkenness. Danny seems rather unphased by Seth appearing to rob and murder a random guy. Seth just likes to rail people up and Danny’s attempts to stop the bad decisions parade is futile. I like those last 3 panels. I just me some silent beat panels.

577 – 588

Back to Ally and demon guy. This gives a small glimpse in the world of demons. It doesn’t come up much cause demons are less integrated with humans. Which is why this demon guys doesn’t realize humans don’t actually think Damien is a werewolf.

But Seth is causing more problems. I’m proud of Seth hand gesture when he blames Brad for the exploding door. The mention of Frost is a enough to get Seth to back down. So some small hints about whats to come with Frost.

Demon is vomited on, stabbed, and then decapitated. After the gang leaves, we meet Frost for the first time. He is the shortest male character in the comic. Him and Mr. Tamura talking about Damien is obviously something that is a big deal later.

589 – 591

Small wrap scene. I like Brad’s reflection in the coffee was fun to draw. At this point in the comic I was trying to pick more interesting shots. That one turned out nice. Ally getting a mug is a little less so.

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