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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 14

Title Page
Here we get what is probably the cover I like most out of the title pages so far. I like it when I can make the title part of the art rather than just slap it on there.

page 641 – 642

Since this is Danny and Mel’s last nice scene together I wanted it to be kinda mundane and sweet. They get a nice night before everything goes wrong. Clearly my Buffy influence is showing here.

page 643 – 645

Damien’s publists has a very very hard job. I wanted to establish how much political power he has and just how he is generally perceived. I think this whole scene would be pretty different if I made it today. I know about how the world works in general.

page 646 – 655

I wanted to set up that Jeff is on his way to Danny’s class shortly after Danny finishes his smoke break. He should probably be further from the school while taking it. Jeff and pals talk is setting things up for the next chapter.

Danny getting threatened by Damien is a scene where I probably should have played with the colors more. Just to push the drama. Danny’s O negative. I looked it up before writing this chapter, then forgot, then relooked it up after this chapter to be sure. Group of pages Damien was just fiddling with the stapler to give him something to do while being intimating. He was gonna punch Danny at the end of the scene. Danny and Damien are related so they know some more personal buttons. I focused on Damien’s blind eye because his dad was responsible for that. It isn’t super important backstory and never gets brought up but I wanted to at least imply it. A friend saw the pencils and said, “Someone better get his with that stapler or else what’s the point?” And this is the first of 3 times Danny gets choked. Damien’s hair gets messed up when ever he snaps. He’s out of control and not thinking things through. So Danny is getting some oxygen cause he’s not being completely choked by Damien. So the other two times he’s choked Danny’s face changes color. Seth is much better at choking people. Then Jeff saves the day though.

page 656 – 662

This type of ominous lighting is probably what I should have gone for in the Damien threatening Danny scene.

Danny bruise is something I’m proud of. I wanted to always make it clear that Danny doesn’t get up/recover from fights quickly. He has an old yellow bruise next chapter for the same reason.

page 663 – 669

Damien spills some Danny backstory. He used to be quite the slut despite being married/engaged. I also like background details a lot so this whole scene is more about what Damien isn’t paying attention. Danny always needs a plan cause most characters in the comic can beat him up. Also I thought it was important that Mel at least try to save herself. This is the most badass Danny will ever be. He will never top this. It’s important he get this before the next scene.

670 – 672

This whole scene I thought it was important to keep distance between Mel and Danny. That’s why we are far away from them before the conversation starts. Danny bringing up the weather is basically to show how strained they are right now compared to the beginning of the chapter. I wanted this to be quiet. No shouting. No drama. No fight. Their whole relationship has been kinda light. So this goes with the last chapter where the story shifts to heavier stuff, certain characters aren’t coming a long for the ride. Mel is probably better off. Also, why does no one tell superheroes “This is weird, I’m out.”? Those last 3 panels I wanted to emphasis Danny being alone as he walks away.

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