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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 15

Title page
So the title is from a Willie Nelson song. That was a hint to what this chapter was gonna be about. But everyone got it pretty quick anyway. A bunch of folks got frustrated while this chapter was going up. This is sometimes the problem with webcomics going up a page at a time.

page 673 – 674

The Coach is intentionally awful. Jeff’s comment is supposed to be why Connor is uncomfortable and why Connor thinks maybe Jeff is gay too. Cause why else would be bring that up? At least that’s Conner’s thought.

page 675 – 678

Jeff is super bad at secrets. Note that Danny is the one who thinks to close the door. Also, I wanted to make it clear Danny knows both boys’ secrets but isn’t blabbing either to the other this whole chapter. I know when the full moons happen cause they are every 3 chapters. That’s also how I kept track of when the seasons change. And there is his nice yellow bruise to let everyone know he’s not recovered from the last chapter.

page 679 – 682

I think this is the scene that frustrated most people was it went online. It’s so clear what is going on. But I thought it was important that both their paranoias of being found out were feeding into each other. I tried to keep it short though.

page 683 – 686

Danny and Pat are slowly becoming friends but this is the first time that have a personal talk that doesn’t end with Pat defensive of his privacy. Danny follows Pat’s advice less because he agrees with it but because he took Brad being a werewolf so badly. So Pat comparing Jeff and Connor to Brad and Danny is a push in the right direction. But he is still an outsider so he doesn’t understand why Danny is a terrible example of people taking werewolf news well.

page 687 – 690

I thought it was very important that Danny not out Connor. It’s not only an awful thing to do in general but he is trying to keep a distances between him and his students. So I gave him a good cover for talking to Connor in the hall. Connor’s late enough that this is all fairly possible.

page 691 – 700

Werewolves eat A LOT is a running thing. Jeff is bad at keeping his cover. Someone who knows what to look for would see a big ass neon sign about Jeff’s head that says WEREWOLF.

Connor coming out is one of the few times he is vunerable as a character. Him slumping down in his chair is to emphais that. He is pretty tall and cocky usually. I maybe should have been closer to them when Connor actually says he’s gay. Like just them the table, no other background. That would have given it more punch. Then I should have pulled out of the silence panel. Connor sits up right when Jeff apologized for the silence.

Like I said, Jeff has a neon sign that says werewolf above his head. He is so bad at keeping that secret. Connor is back to his confident self when he can put Jeff on the defensive and he feels like he’s not the most at risk. Connor has a crush on Danny, it’s why he mouths off to him so much. Jeff’s dumb question is I asked some queer friends what questions they have gotten about being gay that were offensive, but clearly came from stupidity rather than malice. This one won because it was the easiest to think of a snarky come back for. I always knew I was gonna have them trade questions that would start broad and then get to more personal. Then Jeff can transition from surprised to stupid to sincernly trying to be a good friend.

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