Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 19

Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 19

Title page

I wanted something that looks a ominous without going to melodrama. But I wanted to hint at what happens so I made sure the beer cans were in plain view.

Page 795 – 799

Mostly exposition. I like Jeff lapping Connor so quickly so show how much he’s improved. Also, everyone is busting out warmer coats to show how cold it’s getting.

Page 800 – 807

Danny and Connor chatting in the hotel is mostly to get some Danny backstory and to lead into Connor bring up he though Jeff was gay too. There was gonna be a running joke that everyone thought Jeff was gay but Connor wasn’t. I eventually dropped it cause it isn’t funny/it was awkward to force it come up over and over.

Connor’s boyfriend has dark hair and is kinda pale. He has a type. And I like the sad Connor panel with no background.

Page 808 – 816

Jeff never drinks in any other story I made with him in it. Danny is the worst chaperone but I like the exchange where Connor offers him a beer. And I always like it when to show time passing the shot is the same but the lighting and details are different. Connor sitting with the pile of empty beer cans is me doing my best to pull that effect off. The beer if you can’t read the label is called Awesome Sauce.

I always like writing drunk people dialog. And I tried to make sure it was pretty much nonsense so Jeff could focus on his gameboy and ignore drunk Connor until the kiss. I like the background effect/color change for the panel when Jeff realizes why he did. And I made sure Jeff and Danny can’t see Connor’s eyes clearly in the whole exchange right after.

Page 817 – 820

Connor has the worst hang over. I once again tried to keep his eyes out of view of Jeff until the last panel. The silence panels are supposed to be Connor thinking about what that all means through his hungover. Danny’s nice shades line is to show he isn’t buying Jeff and Connor’s cover story. But he’s letting them think they are sneaky and clever.

Page 821 – 824

I always like drawing woods. Connor being a werewolf is supposed to be a counter point to Brad and Jeff and well everyone who doesn’t like it. And I wanted to show him enjoying it pretty much immediately with being impressed with how his new sense work.

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