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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 27

Title page
Still trying to be more designy. This is the last chapter for Ramon. So I wanted to give him a big send off. He gets a very nice over-dramatic supervilliany cover.

page 1033 – 1040

Once again Connor is the one practicing his powers whenever he can. He really likes these powers. He likes abusing them. Originally, Ramon’s name was gonna be Ryan. There were a few times I accidentally put that in my scripts while writing his other chapters. That’s why Connor is calling him that.

This scene starts with Connor standing over and looking down on Ramon cause he has the power in that scene. Danny is a few steps higher then them for that same reason. And he stays a few steps higher to while he yells at Connor so Connor can look small. It’s the only way Danny at 5’6” will ever tower over Connor’s 6’1”.

Page 1041 – 1044

I wanted it to be clear Connor did hurt Ramon. Because every other time Ramon has asked Meg for spell casting help she has said no. But since Connor did hurt him rather than just make fun of him, Meg is more sympathetic.

page 1045 – 1055

Also for this last appearance Ramon has, I made his conflict/target Connor because Danny has bigger things to deal with than Ramon’s ridiculous outbursts. It gives Ramon an opponent on roughly the same maturity level. So Connor is easy to bait, especially when so over confident about his new powers.

Again, I always like drawing street scenes and this chase is no different.

The pet tomb stones are mostly references to friends pet name ideas. Except for one that says Bramble Pelt. That is a reference to the podcast My Brother, My Brother, and Me.

Jeff pointing out he didn’t do anything, I always think is a fun bit.

I got a lot of pictures of guard dog breeds for all the zombie dogs. The little dog though is zombie version of my friend Spike Trotman’s dog Harvey who died like 6 months after these pages went online. I thought it would be funny to put him in cause he was so tiny and nervous. He was also a hairless dog so he already looked creepy.

Connor’s bite marks on his back are to just let the audience know that Seth and Connor are still a thing.

Danny is very done with supernatural teen nonsense. Hence calling the cops on all three of them.

page 1056 – 1059

Connor and Jeff are doing some problem solving. But that doesn’t save them from the cops.

Then we wrap things up with punishment dealt out with clear bias.

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