Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 28 part 1

Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 28

Title page
Since this is the quiet before the storm sorta chapter I wanted the title page to reflect that. And since Danny spends most of his time in the lake I figured something peaceful and kinda sad with him in the water would work.

Page 1060 – 1062

So sexy times with heavy shadows to keep stuff pg-13. And there are only so many angles you can do that and make it not weird so I got to the mood killer right away. The “AGAIN” gets it’s own panel so push this is a conversation that has happened several times before. Also because it’s something that has happened before I didn’t want them to have a big long fight.

page 1063 – 1066

This whole chapter I like because it’s one of the few times Ally and Danny get some quality talking time and I had a lot of fun drawing the water and their reflections. Over all I like this chapter a lot. Also Danny is skinny dipping for symbolism. This is him at his most vunerable so having him be naked I thought was fitting.

I really like how the art turned out on these pages. Especially Ally’s reaction to putting her feet in the cold water.

page 1067 – 1070

Danny’s face is obsured in a lot of these pages cause I thought it would be more dramatic and isolate him more. There are also a lot of quiet silent panels cause I wanted this to get built up to. He really does need to think it over. There are also a lot of upshots of Ally and down shots of Danny because he’s the one who feels small in this scene.

page 1071 – 1076

The “camera” stays very close until Ally sorta changes the topic. Then it pulls out cause they are very briefly talking about something less intamet or at least attempting too. Then it goes back in when they start talking about the blood bond. This continues until Danny’s “I donno” cause I wanted Danny to be a small central figure. Then I do that again when he says “I’m scared.” That’s when he is his smallest in this chapter. Then the close up of Ally’s hand on his should is supposed to contrast that. Kinda he’s not alone and as small as he feels.

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