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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 3

Title page

This is the first chapter where we see Danny’s day job and his piano tie.

Page 49

Both Danny and the dream girls’ outfits are James Bond references. King is a good dog.

Pages 50-51

Connor and Jeff make their first appearances. The other kid’s name is Bobby. He is usually in the background of Jeff and Connor at school scenes. Around the time I was redoing this, I was drawing the chapter where Connor comes out so I pushed his overcompensating in this chapter. Originally, Connor had some exposition about Danny’s royalty background but it’s not really important yet and it’s more realistic if, instead of saying crazy rumors, Connor just overcompensates.

We set up that Jeff is tutored by Danny so he can get bit later. I made sure to show Dave listening to Jeff talking so we know where he heard it.

Pages 52-53

Connor gets away with a lot of sass.

Danny telling Dave about love spells is to contrast chapter one. He gets to be the responsible one in this chapter, at least for a little while. Note Danny putting his bag on Dave’s desk–Lets me do some background action while something more mundane happens in the foreground.

Grammar is hard. I feel Jeff’s pain.

Pages 54 – 58

First scene in the magic shop. Also, Mel is in the background. It’s mostly gag gifts or based off tourist trinket I saw from sale while visiting Salem, MA. The useful stuff is hidden or special ordered, like Pat’s book. This is the first Dwyn book. Also, we get that Pat is short for Patrice. That is also my mom’s name.

Danny and Mel flirting got cut down.

Pat’s home is as shitty on the outside as it is inside.

Pages 59 – 60

Pat lives in a shit hole. He doesn’t care. Pat’s priorities are all about the book.

Pages 61-63

This is why Ramon knows about magic. Meg knows her stuff but she probably should have given them all the details before leaving. The love spell probably also affected the girl in the picture.

Pages 64-65

Connor wouldn’t have been affected if he wasn’t already gay. Danny knows enough about sorcery at this point to put that together. He just sat on that knowledge for quite awhile.

Pages 66-67

Look at Danny being all adult.

Pages 68-70

Right up until Ramon shows up. Meg already had the popcorn. She’s used to Ramon overreacting.

Pages 71-72

And Pat is here to put a stop to all this. Chibi him with a cape is pretty cute.

Page 73

I don’t know how Pat got to the house. I made sure it was clear from the coloring that Pat was completely in shadow.

I originally made it in September 2005 and then redrew it in 2009

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