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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 30 part 2

Title page
This is one of my weaker title pages. I wanted Pat to stand out from the rest of the picture. That’s why he’s in all red. I have him walking away from Ally and Suzanne cause they are both closer to what he used to be. Like I said it doesn’t quite work.

page 1151 – 1152

Pat signing up for Alpha Phoenix should be taken as a sign that at least for now he wants to live but is lost. The Mage Council still wants to kill him and his relation to Ally is his only protection from that. He will need to sign up own his own eventually. So he’s thinking about the future, which is a start.

Suzanne picks up on the giving up theme from the other part of the chapter. She’s also not in a great place mentally. Her exchange with Ally is something I wanted to have a lot of edge to both sides of the conversation. Suzanne and Ally’s mom have a lot in common except for one big difference. Suzanne lost EVERYTHING. Ally’s mom just lost her husband. So Suzanne’s judgement is from not immediately realizing she is kinda saying Sarah’s vengeance is more important than Ally getting to have her mom again. Her apology is because she realized she would want that too.

page 1153 – 1157

Pat’s lost. SYSBOLISM BAM.

Not gonna lie, this whole scene is mostly because after writing like a chapter with Aaron I thought, him and Pat would probably get along. He should get to drunk together and talk about how Seth is terrible. Aaron calls Pat, Steven which is Ally’s dad’s name. It’s probably good Pat didn’t end up going to Sarah’s house.

I maybe should have colored dark circles under Pat’s eyes to show he is still under fed. So it’s clearer he doesn’t look well and that’s why Aaron is giving him the bottle. This whole scene is kinda just Pat taking things in. That last panel on 1156 came out jsut how I wanted it.

While Pat’s all grumpy about being a vampire, I think this is the closest I get to making it 100% his guilt/angst/depression doesn’t come from killing people as a vampire. It comes from the ones he did before. Becoming a vampire and not instantly becoming evil means all those he killed might not have been as evil as he thought and his whole life was a lie.

page 1158 – 1163

They are all just talking weapons and fighting. Ya know, girl shit.

Everyone in this room is a great role model of Rebecca. I figured I’d make it clear that Rebecca is going to a special werewolf/mage power safe school.

I had more dialogue for Ally and Sarah on page 1160 at first but I cut it because Suzanne being alone and left out is more important. So the dialogue comes back once Suzanne and Sarah start talking. Suzanne’s lack of response for after she kills Seth is supposed to reflect Pat’s lack of answer about what to do next.

I tried to make the lily’s obviously the same ones Aaron bought earlier. Sarah’s instant violent reaction is cause I wanted to show her pain was still there. Even though she took the path Suzanne doesn’t really have, they both still have the same pain and rage there. So I wanted to end on a sad picture of Suzanne because she is basically doomed. Her “Why” can really only end one way.

page 1164 – 1166

Pat is looking at his bottle of blood the same way Suzanne was looking at her beer bottle. I wanted to tied them together. Also both her and Pat are separate from the family scene/connection between Ally and Rebecca.

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