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Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 4 part 3

Title Page

So the original version of Wild Things part 3 was much much longer. So in the redos I broke it up more so each part is the same size as other chapters. So the new chapter title page focuses on the important parts of the chapter which are Seth and Suryu’s meeting and Jeff being a captive. Also this is the first batch of redos colored by Mary Cagle. I asked Mary to take over coloring Sorcery 101’s redos cause coloring is the thing I think is the least amount of fun. I don’t know if it’s just I haven’t had the time to figure out how to do it in a way I enjoy or basically I’m generally unhappy with my own coloring. But either way I doing like it. And redoing pages are already frustrating and discouraging. I don’t think I could have gotten through it if it weren’t for Mary coloring. I basically gave Mary the general palette so they wouldn’t stand out too much. That worked pretty well and there weren’t many corrections the needed to be made through out her pages.

page 136 – 137

Connor is not a good student. Generally, I figure Connor is very smart but very lazy and has lot attitude. So this is the first of many scenes were he butts heads with Danny. This is a very common occurrence

Page 138 – 141

Poor Jeff. He’s scarred for life now. His first wolf night probably couldn’t have gone much worse. The guy wolf in the cage was in the background of the wolf demon fight earlier. Not much really to say beside that.

page 142 – 146

Suryu’s lackeys make their final appearance as Suryu makes her first one. Everything Suryu says about Seth is not true except for the being able to go out in the sun. I spread the scene out over a few more pages to give the art more room with all the dialogs.

I think this is also the first scene where I showed Seth picking at his fingernails. There’s a lot of talking in Sorcery 101 so I tried to give each character a little go to will talking or bored. Obviously Danny’s is smoking. Seth is usually picking at his nails with other nails or with his knife.

Suryu hitting on Seth has not much to do with Seth and more about being shitty to Asagi. I purposely avoid pronouns when Asagi is mentioned so when he finally showed up everything about him would be a surprise.

page 147 – 151

Back to Pat’s dump where Seth just barges in. It gets mentioned later that Pat’s lock is broken, making it easier for Seth to just show up and be an ass. Seth doesn’t ask for anything just demand it.

Then we get some exposition. Plus a little of Pat backstory.

Honestly, I’d leave out the whole auction thing. It’s over complicated and doesn’t come up again. Plus the whole vampire forcing werewolves to be servants is too close to werewolf verse vampires. I’m not crazy about that. And more vampires aren’t strong enough to force a shapeshifter into being their servant anyway.

And lastly Seth doesn’t drive through all of Sorcery 101 until the last chapter.

page 152 – 153

Plan making time and more exposition. I changed the dialog a bit when I redid this scene. I wanted to de-emphasize the whole claim on werewolves thing for similar reasons to why I don’t like the auction bit. It is needlessly over complicated and never comes up again.

I like that last panel of Seth. That smile isn’t reassuring at all.

Page 154 – 157

Everyone learns the full grossness of Seth’s house. Also dialog that is explain why they don’t do things a quicker way or in Seth’s mind a less fun way.

Seth helps thing but also usually makes them worse.

Page 158 – 160

Seth’s patience with Danny is not infinite. Originally, he was choking Danny. But I switched it to pulling his hair back cause that is more demeaning and less life threatening.

Danny could never hope to be as cool as Princess Leia.

page 161 – 163

Seth does his best to make a big badass impressive entrance only to have it completely ruined by Loki.

page 164 – 166

So Loki is about Seth’s age. He’s just a century or so younger. Aaron is closer to Pat’s age. That’s why despite his attention span Seth tells Loki the plan. Also anyone who has read From Scratch knows Aaron, like most people, hates Seth.

And just cause they are vampires doesn’t mean you don’t need a job. Aaron writes trashy porn books. They are mostly about pirates.

page 167 – 169

Suryu is talking to Kira who’s name you don’t get until the end of the series. However, she is in the background of every vampire party. Seth is going to distract Suryu with his dick. It makes for a good distraction.

There we go. These were all originally drawn in 2006. I redid them in 2012.

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