Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 4 part 4

Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 4 part 4

Title page

I just used the funnest part of this chapter. Cause Seth getting beat up is always fun.

page 170 – 172

Jeff’s rescue doesn’t go great. Loki and Seth clearly went to the same “How to make a plan” lesson In the original version one of the other wolves (the jerk one with a hat) was the one who shouted for the guard. I changed it to Loki because like Seth is he old/strong enough to just bash in the face of any vampire Suryu has as a lackey.

page 173 – 175

And you get the the panels to make you think Loki and Aaron are betraying our “heroes.”

page 176 – 183

Not much to say. Suryu is pretty quick tempered. Everyone at the party knows to get out of the way. Poor Aaron had the job of getting dealing with her while enraged. She can listen to reason though. She wouldn’t have lived so long if she couldn’t.

Also Mary is wonderful. But she made a mistake both her and I didn’t catch until after the book came out. That’s the vampires all got reflections in the floor.

page 184 – 187

Seth plans are not good plans unless you are Seth.

Seth’s little exchange with Aaron as he walks in is supposed to be one of those lines where it seems like nothing but has more meaning (aka Seth is even more of a dick) if you know their full history. I always like touches like that. Things that mean more on rereading. It’s like that cause I was writing an Aaron becoming a vampire story at the time of the redos. It ended up getting tossed because the second half wasn’t working. By the time I started to figure out ways to maybe fix it, I wanted to move on to other things rather than do more Sorcery 101 side stories. Basically, Aaron was a preacher before he was a vampire. Seth ruined the life Aaron had built for himself, cause that’s what Seth does.

Case in point, how he handles things like this rescue mission.

page 188 – 196

Someone has to check to make sure Jeff is okay. Early on I relied a bit too much on the person who doesn’t know stuff asks questions. I’m trying to not do that so much these days and just let info unfold naturally.

Also when I mentioned cutting back on/regretting the claim on werewolves thing, this scene in practically shows how clumsy it is as a concept.

There we go. These were all originally drawn in 2006. I redid them in 2012.

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