Read Sorcery 101 writer notes Chapter 7 part 2

Here is another batch of writer notes on Sorcery 101. If you want to read ahead on these got ahead on these head over to my patreon.

Chapter 7 part 2

Title page

Not much to say about the cover. They look way more sinister than they end up being.

page 388 – 401

Brad getting Danny is pretty straight forward. I cut out one page simply cause it really didn’t do anything.

Rebecca is a more or less on the ball kid. Rest of the scene is pretty by the numbers explaining stuff. I try not to be so exposition dumpy these days. I feel like a lot of this chapter is just exposition.

page 401 – 411

This scene has a lot of the same problem of the scene before. It’s mostly exposition so note really many notes.

page 412 – 416

One of my professors saw this page and described Seth’s robe as “Uncomfortably short” and asked me if that’s intentional. I thought about it and then make slightly shorter. Seth gives the name Johny to his neighbors cause of Johny Cash.

Danny trying to read the letter is fun to draw. Seth is 6’3” and Danny is 5’6” so he’s never gonna look over Seth’s shoulder. Obviously Seth now KNOWS he is in trouble for blood bonding Danny.

page 417 – 420

I think this is the first time I drew a sex scene. Baras is wearing a kilt cause that is more comfortable for a tail and he ain’t human so he doesn’t give a shit about what he’s wearing.

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