Small site update and a newsletter question

So I made this post on my patreon. How it effects this site is I’m gonna post a lot more art on here rather than on there. The past year I had been trying to get more funding for my patreon and it clearly wasn’t really working. So rather than having stuff behind a paywall I’m just gonna post everything here.

Something that is working nicely is I got a pretty healthy new letter mailing list. So I wanted to ask how to make that more enjoyable for folks that are getting it. How are you folks using it? Just for new kickstarters? Do you also want highlights from this site so you maybe don’t miss anything cool? I know with updates being weekly that lots of people like to wait and then read stuff in chunks. Would you like me to do an art dump of the art I’ve been doing? Would you like me to copy paste some writer note blog posts? Let me know.

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