Starting a Drip!

Hey everyone! My new Drip is up!

What’s Drip you ask? it’s a subscription service to help support indy artists. It’s owned by Kickstarter so if you have a kickstarter account you don’t have to make a new account/reenter payment stuff. I’ve set up different payment levels where you can get more and more cool stuff each month.

At $1 a month, I’ll be posting pages of [Super]Natural Attraction every Monday starting October 22nd. [Super]Natural Attraction is a episodic digital comic with a dark sense of humor. It’s inspired by a love of the paranormal and reverse-harem shojo manga (such as Ouran Host Club).  Originally it was funded on Kickstarter. But it’s moving to Drip. 

I’m the writer. Kara Leopard is drawing. Whitney Cogar is coloring.

[Super]Natural Attraction is:

Persephone was about start her second year of college, when she was tragically killed in a hit and run. Luckily, her eccentric med-student roommate have found a way to “fix” her. She is now returned from the dead with only a few scars as proof it of the incident.

However, her unique situation allows her to find out her school campus is full of vampires, werewolves, demons, witches, satyrs, and every magical creature from legend. No one else can see their true nature. This makes her a curiosity to the whole new found community and a useful tool to the local monster hunter looking for proof.

At $5 a month, you can read pages of The Better to Find You With a month early. I’ll also be posting pages of You are the Chosen One as I work on it. If you don’t know about You are the Chosen One, it’s a fantasy story about 23 children who are told they are the Chosen One destined to stop a Dark Power. You watch as each kid tries to purpose that destiny of saving the world.

At $6 a month, you can be the first to read the next The City Between comic, The Dead Deception. This level is for a limited time and only for people who back in the first 30 days. Here’s a look at The Dead Deception:

In a futuristic world, Detective Maria Pimienta’s new partner is Connor Burke, the first and only open werewolf detective. Maria’s coworkers warn her about the job’s dangerous nature, and how Connor’s partners have a tendency to get injured on the job. None of those injuries are proven to be his fault, but seven partners ending up on disability pay is a lot to ignore.

Now a man has been murdered by a unusually strong teenager girl. Connor’s theory about the case is inconsistent, and he dismisses her at every turn. Maria starts to wonder if the man who’s supposed to have her back is hiding something… something that might have knocked his previous partners out of the field.

At $10 a month, you can have a cameo in the background of my comics. Basically when ever there is a crowd scene in any comic, I’ll draw you in.

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