Writer Notes Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue 15

Angel and Faith  -Fight or Flight

Page 1 – 2

Before writing this issue I got to read all of Buffy Season 10 and Angel and Faith Season 10. There was a dream that Spike has about murdering people in a Buffy issue before this. It’s connected to the Buffy season 10 Big Bad and is also effecting Angel. So I wanted to reference Spike’s dream shot wise, to help drive the connection between both their dreams.

The Fred scene I wanted to contrast the spooky Angel scene to it’s a lot of pulled out and showing the scenery off. Suggested Camden Market as a place for Fred to just be walking around to look around. Mostly because I remember a lot of weird kitchey objects getting sold there. It would be a plan where Fred could believable come across some old board games and not be expecting it.

page 3 – 4

I used Risk because Welsey and Gunn played that several times in Angel to kill time. I was told that Fred and Angel needed to go on a trip for this one shot. I thought of Ireland because Angel is from there and because of the passport thing. I asked Kate Ashwin about the passport to Ireland thing. But realize I never bothered to check to see if that only applies to UK citizens. Whoops.

It’s kinda implied in a few places that Angel has a photographic memory. So he would be able to clearly remember if his dreams were memories or not. At least he would be able to in a manner more sure than Spike was in the Buffy issues previous to this.

My original pitch was a little different because I thought Angel came from a small village/town because of the set used in his flashbacks and because Darla mentioned Angel killing everyone where he was from. I ended up changing things once I found out it was Galway. But that’s why I put in the small village line. That set doesn’t look like a major port.

Page 5 – 6

I wanted the little inn they stayed at to look wholesome. I suggested the inn that’s in Hot Fuzz as reference. Kinda quaint and quiet to hide what’s underneath.

Since Darla brags about Angel having killed most of his home town, I figured it was probably just a neighborhood. Also, Darla had a grudge against the upper crust of society. Angel’s first year or so as a vampire was probably mostly targeting them because of Darla’s guidance. I built the walking tour around that part.

page 7 – 8

I wanted the whole bellhop bit to be off putting. Also Angel would be extra aware that something is up because vampires can smell fear in the Buffyverse.

page 9 – 12

I asked the artist and colorist to do a specific layout and color scheme while the scenes got cut together. I thought it would be a nice way to visually mix up the page. The gag with the actor missing his jump scare cue doesn’t quite work on the page though.

page 13 – 15

Exposition dump time. It might have been an idea too complicated for a 18 pages of story. I saw 18 because 4 pages of this issue had to refer back to the bigger arch. I had also never written a floppy comic before so I didn’t quite have a hang of how much could go into the page. Here you have all the witches. I wanted to go for a Mother, Maiden, and a Crone thing. They are also all named after Discworld witches.

page 16 – 20

The fight was a little hard to choreography. It’s a lot for action for the pages I had left in my script. This is again where my inexperience writing something so short harmed the over all story.

page 21 – 22

This phone call with Spike starts in the Buffy issue before it. I got to write about half of it. The part with Fred is mostly to set up the next storyline. I got told the basic plot of it while Victor wrote it up. So I knew enough to get the dominos set up.

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