Writer Notes on Buffy Free Comic Book Day

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So I started this story with Buffy messing up so she can get a boost later. I wanted to make it clear its the same nerdy vampire. Darkhorse said the only properties that could be shown visually have to be stuff they have the rights to us. So Alien and Hellboy, I thought would be good horror/nerdy things to use.

Page 3 – 4

Xander and Buffy’s trip to the comic shop was originally gonna be Free Comic Book Day so that the story was kinda meta. But Free Comic Book Day didn’t exist 1997 which is when all the Buffy high school stories take place.  So it’s just Wednesday.

I had Xander recommend Buffy read X-men because I know from interviews that Joss Whedon likes X-men and Kitty Pryde is his favorite character. So I thought it would makes sense as a recommendation.

page 5 – 6

I threw in the Sailor Moon reference because I feel like Buffy and Sailor Moon because the “fighting evil by moonlight” line from the dubbed Sailor Moon applies to both of them.

page 7 – 10

The pullbox thing was inspired by stories from folks I know that work in comic shops. More than one of them has said things like this regular customer hasn’t come in for awhile to pick up their pull box, I hope nothing bad happened to them. Also Buffy throws the vampire into the sun just to shake things up

Page 11 – 12

And so I wanted to end on a nice moment for Buffy where she inspires a younger girl.

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