A Series of First Impressions: Broad City

Joe, Kristen, and I all watched Broad City together! Kristen picked the show this time but it’s one we all love. We talk a little about it’s story structure and how it relates to the show Girls. And a whole bunch more. Give us a listen. You can also subscribe via Itunes.

New Episodes of Dirty Old Ladies and A Series of First Impressions

Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of Dirty Old Ladies episode. We talk about different ways to self promo. Give it a listen here! Also, Joe, Kristen, and I got a new episode of A Series of First Impressions. We talk about Seinfeld. It’s a short one because well Seinfeld is really strong right out the gate. You

New Podcast about TV

Hey everyone! My pals Joe, Kristen, and I are doing a podcast where we talk about season 1 of different TV shows. It’s called A Series of First Impressions. We will be doing an episode the last Thursday of every month. You can subscribe on Itunes! This month we are talking about Parks and Rec. We talk about how the