Buffy Title Card Roughs 8

Another batch of title cards for Buffy episodes. For School Hard, I first looked up Die Hard ads because the title and a few of the action sequences are Die Hard homages. But they didn’t quite work with what I wanted to do. So I did Spike’s car running over the Sunnydale sign with the school in the background. The

Buffy Title Card Roughs 7

Started roughing out ideas for season 2 of Buffy. When She was Bad is kinda an odd title that is hard to play off of. So I focused on things that are important to the episode like the Master’s bones, the sledge hammer, and the ritual to revive him.  I thought the hanging hands would be good because everyone hanging

Buffy Title Card Roughs 6

Wrapping thing up for season 1 with Out of Mind, Out of Sight and Prophecy Girl. Out of Mind, Out of Sight was a little tricky at first because how do you draw someone who’s invisible. But then thinking about the episode I thought the year book would be a great visual. So there is the compact to kinda represent

Buffy Title Card Roughs 5

So this batch is for the episode Puppet Show and Nightmares. Puppet Show everything I thought of was kinda on the nose and very goosebumps night of the living dummy. I thought maybe a different type of puppet wielding a knife could work. Then the title can go into the puppet holder thing. Then I thought maybe positioning the dummy