You are the Chosen One – Main Hall details

Again I’m cleaning up details again for the main hall but also setting an idea for the rest of the towns carvings and architecture. Since they have a lot of goats I wanted to have horns show up a lot in their designs. Big curvy horns are the most fun to put everywhere. To make the door less plain I

You are the Chosen One – Northern Village 3

I pulled out again to draw more of the village. The second drawing was good for figuring out the general look. But I thought of what was missing from the town. Mostly I thought about where do they get their water and where is their food from. For water I thought a lake and river would be a good idea

You are the Chosen One – Northern Village 2

After doing my first drawing, I realized to show off the mountainy terrain I needed to pull out and show more than one house and the general layout of the town center. So I put the little gazebo in the center of town for small gatherings and put some winding road in the hills. This also helped cause I could

You Are the Chosen One – Northern Village 1

This is the first design I did for the houses in the northern village that Esme and Harrien live in/near. I kinda like how hobbit houses were built into the hills and thought that would help keep things insulated. But this first drawing is too close to hobbit house designs both from the movies and what real houses inspired by