Buffy Title Card For Episode 29: Passion

Continuing my cover practice by using Buffy episodes. Out of the roughs/thumbnails I did for Buffy season 2 episodes, the design I did for Passion jumped out as the strongest. It was a design that I though hints at important events in the episode but didn’t spoil anything. I stuck to a purpley/pink color scheme because Angel’s monolog is kinda

Buffy Title Card Roughs 15

So for the Passions, I only did the one design because what Giles finds waiting for him is powerful in context but doesn’t give way what happens in the episode. Killed by Death is was a little hard. I thought maybe the book with the monsters face on it stained with blood. The next one is the demon’s claws coming

Buffy Title Card Roughs 13

So Surprise and Innocences are big Buffy moments. I thought for Surprise the scene of Buffy’s birthday party with the Judge’s arm coming out of the box. But I think I like the Angel in the rain better. Then for Innocence I though mI thought maybe Buffy holding a rose that’s thrones are hurting her neck would be some interesting