Writer Notes Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue 15

Angel and Faith  -Fight or Flight Page 1 – 2 Before writing this issue I got to read all of Buffy Season 10 and Angel and Faith Season 10. There was a dream that Spike has about murdering people in a Buffy issue before this. It’s connected to the Buffy season 10 Big Bad and is also effecting Angel. So

Buffy Title Card For Episode 29: Passion

Continuing my cover practice by using Buffy episodes. Out of the roughs/thumbnails I did for Buffy season 2 episodes, the design I did for Passion jumped out as the strongest. It was a design that I though hints at important events in the episode but didn’t spoil anything. I stuck to a purpley/pink color scheme because Angel’s monolog is kinda

Buffy Title Card Roughs 15

So for the Passions, I only did the one design because what Giles finds waiting for him is powerful in context but doesn’t give way what happens in the episode. Killed by Death is was a little hard. I thought maybe the book with the monsters face on it stained with blood. The next one is the demon’s claws coming