New Dirty Old Ladies Episode on Pitching and Submissions

Spike, Amanda, and I got another episode of Dirty Old Ladies up. Spike goes over what she looks for in her submissions and pitches when acting as a publisher. Amanda and I talk about the coming at pitches and submissions from an artist stand point. I go over the difference in pitching a work-for-hire story on a property I don’t

New Dirty Old Ladies Podcast: What’s Your Excuse

Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of Dirty Old Ladies Podcast. This time we talk about different reasons people might not start making comics. The title is a little cheeky but we know sometimes life gets in the way. We just try to help you get over some of the usual hurdles people have. Give this episode a

New Dirty Old Ladies Episode! Chosen ones talk

Spike, Amanda, and I got another episode of our podcast Dirty Old Ladies up! Give it a listen here. This time we started to the first in what will end up being a regular thing where we talk tropes. This time we talked about Chosen One. Which is appropriate cause I’m developing a story idea all about that.