New Episode of Dirty Old Ladies Podcast: The American Library Association

Hey folks! Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of our podcast Dirty Old Ladies up. This episode Spike and I talk about our experience at the Annual American Library Association. We talk about how this con is different from others which is that it’s mainly about getting libraries to buy stuff later. You can give it a listen

New Episodes of Dirty Old Ladies and A Series of First Impressions

Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of Dirty Old Ladies episode. We talk about different ways to self promo. Give it a listen here! Also, Joe, Kristen, and I got a new episode of A Series of First Impressions. We talk about Seinfeld. It’s a short one because well Seinfeld is really strong right out the gate. You

New Episode of Dirty Old Ladies: Where We Get Our Ideas

Hey folks! Amanda, Spike, and I got another episode of our podcast up. Give us a listen about where we get our ideas! We talk about how ideas come from everywhere and getting the ideas are easy. The tricky part is nurturing and developing them. Ideas come from what we wonder about and think is missing in the stories we