Buffy Title Card Roughs 13

So Surprise and Innocences are big Buffy moments. I thought for Surprise the scene of Buffy’s birthday party with the Judge’s arm coming out of the box. But I think I like the Angel in the rain better. Then for Innocence I though mI thought maybe Buffy holding a rose that’s thrones are hurting her neck would be some interesting

Buffy Title Card Roughs 12

More Buffy title cards. Ted is kinda hard without spoiling the reveal. I thought the giant text over the cookies might work, making Ted kinda an over whelming intrusion in Buffy’s life. Then I thought the implied dead body for the the design would be good. It’s big moment in the episode and it can be focused on without spoiling

Buffy Title Card Roughs 11

Some more Buffy title cards. Both of these are the different parts of What’s My Line. Part 1 I thought it would be cool to use Drusilla’s tarot cards placed on the table. The other design I thought it would be nice to tie in the ice skating scene. So having Buffy’s skating marks make the title seems nice. For

Buffy Title Card Roughs 10

More Buffy title cards. Lie to Me is an episode I really like, but it was kinda hard to think of some imagery for it without giving things away. I did one that is focused on Ford’s smile since his betrayal is key to everything. Then I thought about making the stairs of the basement they are stuck in ominous.

Buffy Title Card Roughs 9

More Buffy title cards. Both of these two I couldn’t quite think of much. Reptile Boy, I was really stuck on. The title isn’t great and a lot of fraternity stuff has lettering on it and is more generally broy. Halloween, I immediately got an idea for the halloween shop and bits of everyone’s costume. Then there is a hint