Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 13

Page 155 – 160 Here’s the last team meeting at the diner. I wanted to quickly establish that the other girls are aware that Cu is missing. Also Rae is having trouble hearing them. There are a few times where Rae says something that isn’t quite an answer to their question. I wanted her dialog to be slight disjointed from

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 12

Page 137 – 139 I tried to make Rae entering the shed look a little ominous. All these pages I wanted to be slow and quiet as Rae checks everything. This way you can understand why she is confident her plan will work. All the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. page 140 – 142 In this entire opening

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 11

Page 117 – 122 I jumped into the scene at the end of Elsie and Morgan’s search because we’ve seen plenty of Elsie and Morgan solo. So I wanted to get straight to when they have a newer interaction. I wanted a close up on Morgan’s eyes when she says she is tired so I could render the bags under

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 10

This quote goes to Kimber because most of this chapter is all her and Rae and it’s all one sided. Poor Kimber. Page 97 – 102 Rae leans in and gets in Kimber’s personal space when ever she asks Kimber for something. When Kimber asks Rae to hang out there is a brief beat. If this were from Rae’s POV

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 9

I gave this quote to Elsie’s chapter cause she is the most honest of the group. It’s unintentional honestly. Page 77 – 80 I like writing Elsie and her little gang. They of coarse went here to see the cashier Elsie was talking about being cute in the first chapter. I gave him the same skin tone and nose as