Misfits of Avalon Chapter 7 Writer Notes

So this quote is definitely because Rae is the type of person who always thinks she is right. Page 41 – 42 I wanted to slowly build up to what eventually makes Rae crack. She gets really bothered by not being the smartest. She really gets tripped up by Morgan knowing something she doesn’t. Page 43 – 49 Rae getting

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 6

I picked this quote for Kimber’s chapter because even though she is the youngest she is the most on the ball and seeing the bigger picture. Page 21 – 23 Even though this chapter is from Kimber’s POV I hope that someone could make an educated guess about Rae’s motive behind her actions. First she is trying to ditch all

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 5

Okay so on to book 2. All the book 2 chapter titles are quotes from the Once and Future King. I read that for research while working on Misfits of Avalon and really enjoyed it. I thought this quote described Morgan pretty well. Page 1 – 3 So I wanted to return to Morgan’s dream to reenforce that she is

Misfits of Avalon Chapter 4 Writer Notes

Page 119 – 120 These two pages are because I wanted to ease someone into Rae’s thoughts. So to start I just have her focused and competent. Her asking the lady for directions are also to establish she is good at lying, but in a small way at first. Page 121 – 122 These fighting pages are to show how

Misfits of Avalon Writer Notes Chapter 3

Page 79 – 82 To push Kimber’s captions I had her think a lot more. She generally has a lot more she is sitting on. It’s why she is the one who ends up asking the important questions. Also once again I like drawing/toning fire. Kimber’s frustration with the team subside around when she starts talking to Elsie more. But