New Dirty Old Ladies Episode! Chosen ones talk

Spike, Amanda, and I got another episode of our podcast Dirty Old Ladies up! Give it a listen here. This time we started to the first in what will end up being a regular thing where we talk tropes. This time we talked about Chosen One. Which is appropriate cause I’m developing a story idea all about that.

A Series of First Impressions: Broad City

Joe, Kristen, and I all watched Broad City together! Kristen picked the show this time but it’s one we all love. We talk a little about it’s story structure and how it relates to the show Girls. And a whole bunch more. Give us a listen. You can also subscribe via Itunes.

New Episode of Dirty Old Ladies Podcast: The American Library Association

Hey folks! Spike, Amanda, and I got a new episode of our podcast Dirty Old Ladies up. This episode Spike and I talk about our experience at the Annual American Library Association. We talk about how this con is different from others which is that it’s mainly about getting libraries to buy stuff later. You can give it a listen