Writer Notes The Stone King Part 1

Here’s the writer notes for The Stone King chapter 1. It’s by me and Tyler Crook. If you haven’t read it, don’t read the rest of this. I’m spoiling everything. pages 1 – 4 I wanted the Stone King to open up with a silent action scene. It would build atmosphere and mood. It’s kinda a risky approach cause it’s

Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 3

Continuing my Fame and Misfortune writer notes. Page 51-54 I don’t know why I keep put car accidents into comics I write AND draw. I did try to push myself with tilting chaotic panels during the car wreck. You can see a tiny glimpse of a motorcycle following the limo. So Fatima isn’t coming out of no where. page 55-58

Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 2

Continuing my Fame and Misfortune writer notes. Page 24-28 This club scene is was me trying to play with the lettering a bit. The oppressive loud music at the club takes up most of the background. Also to have a little bit of fun with character design, Mistress Lala’s entourage are Micky, Vicky, and Nicky. They have the same outfit

Writer Notes Fame and Misfortune Part 1

Fame and Misfortune was a book I went into with several goals. I wanted to get better at writing and drawing action. I wanted the cast to be mostly female. I wanted to improve my black and white only art. And I wanted it to work as a decent intro to The City Between series, though at the time I

Writer Notes on Buffy: The High School Years 3 part 2

Page 34 – 38 The demon’s name is from the scientific name for a coo coo bird. So I asked for the design to have a beaky looking face with no eyes. Yishan added the fleshy flappy skin. I wanted the monster to be fairly easy to kill this time around because the challenge later is gonna be keeping Joyce away