Writer Notes on Buffy: The High School Years 3 part 1

Page 1 – 3Like the last book, I had to start the book with the “Every generation” monolog over an actiony introduction. One of the notes I got back for this book is that since Angel wasn’t in the last two High School Years books, he should have a role in this one. So I opened with the two of

Writer Notes on Buffy: The High School Years 2 part 2

page 37 – 39 The clean up bit was mostly set up for how Buffy defeats the tiger. It was also to get Willow to contribute a little more to the story, since it’s very Xander heavy. page 40 – 47 Bakeries opening early enough that Buffy has probably seen a few open during patrol. It would also be a

Writer Notes on Buffy: The High School Years 2 part 1

page 1 – 2 Darkhorse told me they want to start all the Buffy High School year books with the Slayer chosen one monologue. Just to give Buffy something actiony to do to start the book while the intro happens. These books are supposed to get younger readers who haven’t seen the show into Buffy. page 3 – 7 Since

Writer Notes on Buffy Free Comic Book Day

Page 1 – 2 So I started this story with Buffy messing up so she can get a boost later. I wanted to make it clear its the same nerdy vampire. Darkhorse said the only properties that could be shown visually have to be stuff they have the rights to us. So Alien and Hellboy, I thought would be good

Writer Notes Angel and Faith Season 10 Issue 15

Angel and Faith  -Fight or Flight Page 1 – 2 Before writing this issue I got to read all of Buffy Season 10 and Angel and Faith Season 10. There was a dream that Spike has about murdering people in a Buffy issue before this. It’s connected to the Buffy season 10 Big Bad and is also effecting Angel. So