You are the Chosen One – servant outfit/master blacksmith

Some other You are the Chosen One stuff. The servant outfit is for Meia’s servant because she is from a different kingdom. So I wanted her original staff to have a different look from the other servants. And then the blacksmith is Rhinnon‘s teacher.

You are the Chosen One – Prince and Jorvis

Working on some characters that aren’t Chosen Ones for You are the Chosen One. This prince character is Alizabet‘s brother. I think I’m gonna redo him. Jorvis on the other hand, I’m pretty happy with because I like how jowly he is. He’s supposed to be the royal advisor and Phul‘s father.

You are the Chosen One – Gret and Priestess

Doing more work on You are the Chosen One to work out some concept art for the secondary/minor characters. Here is Gret who is Din‘s older sister and a priestess that works with Deniel. The priestess is in a uniform that needs to work on more than one character so I need make sure it works from that angle. I’m pretty

You Are the Chosen One – Cothrine’s mom/Wellem’s dad

Back to working on some You are the Chosen One concept art. I’ve spent a lot of the past year writing the beginning of it and made a list of stuff I haven’t designed yet. Most of which are family members of the chosen ones. Some of them might repeat as I refine the designs. Here we got Cothrine‘s mom

Starting a Drip!

Hey everyone! My new Drip is up! What’s Drip you ask? it’s a subscription service to help support indy artists. It’s owned by Kickstarter so if you have a kickstarter account you don’t have to make a new account/reenter payment stuff. I’ve set up different payment levels where you can get more and more cool stuff each month. At $1 a