Starting a Drip!

Hey everyone! My new Drip is up! What’s Drip you ask? it’s a subscription service to help support indy artists. It’s owned by Kickstarter so if you have a kickstarter account you don’t have to make a new account/reenter payment stuff. I’ve set up different payment levels where you can get more and more cool stuff each month. At $1 a

You Are the Chosen One – Logo Design

Around SDCC, I played around with making a logo for You are the Chosen One. I knew I wanted a fancier font for Chosen One and found that fairly quickly. I put together this list of possibilities. Then I got some feedback about how some aren’t working because of the “You are the” is two squished or the lineweight on

You are the Chosen One – witch house 1

Esme, the witch in training, lives with her mentor in the northern village. I wanted her and her mentor’s house to stand out compared to the other homes. More organic looking. So the support beams are trees that have had the branches cut off. Not much straightening. Then put in a lot herbs and supplies for witch stuff hanging around.