You Are the Chosen One – Ketter and Phul

Two more kids for You are the Chosen One. Ketter is an atheist. They are instantly skeptical of vissions with a goddess in them. But since this is a world where magic is real, they end up investigating where the dream could have come from and why they and by extension the other kids got the dream. Phul is the

You Are the Chosen One – Hilen and Peres

Some more kids. Hilen and Peres are too parts of the same story. They live in the same farming village and don’t really know each other until You are the Chosen One starts. Both go to their local temple/church for advice and after a few tests they are declared profits and a miracle. The village then gets very carried away

You Are the Chosen One – Harrien and Wellem

Some more kids. Harrien is the daughter of the town leader who likes hunting. She is from the same general area as Esme. So she gets the heavier clothes again. But I wanted her to look a little fancier. So she gets some clothes that are better fitted. I might put some nice embroidery on her outfit too. Wellam is

You Are the Chosen One – Esme and Pinni

More Chosen One kids. Esme is a witch in training who lives in the mountains more north than the capital. So I wanted her and the few other kids that live near her have clearly heavier clothes. And since she is learning to be a witch in the wilderness I wanted her clothing to be more practical than anything else.

You Are the Chosen One – Daris and Din

Some more kids for You are the Chosen One. Daris is in a gang/bandit trope. She tries to figure out how to use what she saw in her dream to her gang’s advantage. Din is a homeless kid that lives in the capital. He is the youngest of the group and is mostly watched over by his older sister.